Program Components

World Savvy Classrooms combines ongoing support for educators with impactful classroom activities to transform learning in the classroom. The program is divided into four components:

Professional Development Workshops - Ongoing

  • Initial workshop focused on the global theme that will prepare educators to embed the theme into their curriculum using project-based learning, art, and media.

  • Follow-up workshop on project design and development.

  • Supplemental webinars, differentiated based on the educator’s experience with World Savvy.

Educator Consulting - October - January

  • Support for the development of a World Savvy project for students and integration of the theme into the classroom.

  • One-on-one consulting sessions and remote support.

  • Educators partner with Professional Learning Facilitators.

Youth Engagement - October - March

  • In-class support from Professional Learning Facilitators to engage students and assist in the development of Knowledge-to-Action (K2A) plans.

  • Launch Workshop designed to introduce students to World Savvy and the annual theme.

  • Additional workshops that fit into the teacher’s curriculum.

World Savvy Festival - Spring

  • Culminating event for students to share the projects they have created with peers, parents and the community.

  •  Students can choose to compete for prizes in the Challenge competition, or display their work in a non-competitive Showcase event.

  •  Students can choose to submit a website, exhibit, documentary, film (mockumentary, stop- motion, animation etc.), visual art (2D, 3D, multimedia, etc.) or do a live performance (spoken word, dance, music, skit etc.).

More details about the World Savvy Festival.

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