Program Goals

World Savvy Classrooms supports students as they develop their global competencies through academic research and social action. We support teachers through professional development and coaching, and promote learning that is experiential, engaging, impactful, and relevant for every educator and student.

Educators will gain:

  • Enhanced capacity to embed global competence into their own teaching and learning.

  • Deeper understanding of, and strengthened ability to, facilitate student-centered, inquiry-based learning.

  •  Increased confidence and skills in guiding students through arts integration.

Students will exhibit:

  • Increased understanding of the annual theme and its connections to a range of global issues and current events.

  • Enhanced skills for global competence, including analyzing and synthesizing evidence, digital technology, communication, collaboration, resiliency; critical, comparative and creative thinking.

  • An openness to new opportunities, ideas and ways of thinking.

  • Self-awareness about identity and culture, and sensitivity and respect for differences.

  • A desire to seek out multiple perspectives and incentive to take on informed action on issues that matter to them.

  • Knowledge of, and engagement in, community and world affairs.